Rounders 2

Rounders is easily among the greatest poker movie ever produced, and also the John Dahl film is credited with being among those catalysts that sparked the poker boom at the mid-2000s. Despite submitting small box office amounts of $22.9 million domestically upon launch from 1998, it afterwards jumped in popularity as more people became conscious of 온라인홀덤.

There have been continuous calls for its dazzling cast that included John Malkovich and Matt Damon to return and make a sequel, but the Good Will Hunting star lately claimed it won’t ever come to fruition.

There’s been a great deal of speculation over the type of plot Rounders two could take if it had been created. Together with it over twenty years because the first, a great deal of items in the poker arena have changed. A brand new offering would need to take that into consideration. When Rounders was published, online poker has been in an embryonic form. However, now it’s become a sector of Godzilla-like proportions.

Matt Damon’s character was a college student who played small poker matches, but when a new movie was supposed to reflect the present condition of affairs he’d be playing with tournaments and money games in online poker websites like While the matches online are thrilling, they leave little space for the character interaction that made the first movie so fascinating.
Another thought for a premise for Rounders two was that Gretchen Mol’s personality, Jo, decides to get revenge on Damon’s Mike McDermott. The 2 characters were in a relationship in Rounders, and McDermott had promised his girlfriend he’d stop poker to concentrate on law faculty. He broke the promise, however, and got into the poker arena. This led in their separation.

The terrible news for poker lovers that were hopeful of seeing exactly what McDermott was up to now is that Damon has lately maintained that Rounders 2 will not be occurring. It was looking improbable with all the time gap because the very first, but formerly Damon and Dahl had stated they’d be interested in bettering those figures.
Damon asserted it was not possible to launch a market movie like Rounders from today’s era, as Hollywood executives wish to make movies that will appeal to as many individuals as you can. Along with the absence of a DVD economy means that Rounders two would most probably be a flop.

But all hope shouldn’t be lost just yet. There might not be a DVD market , but Netflix shows it is prepared to churn out movies about pretty much anything. Rounders two might not be worthy of a cinematic release, but it may easily be made to the streaming services.
Netflix has a great deal of cash to throw at jobs, and has been able to recruit massive celebrities previously such as Will Smith and Sandra Bullock. The business could manage Damon, and only having him may be sufficient to get audiences to see the movie. Even though the odds are slim, there might nevertheless be a Rounders two launch one day.